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Our Story

Purple Peace Foundation is the legacy of Amanda Brady.  The foundation was started by her family shortly after she passed away in 2011 from a seizure, probable SUDEP.  Her parents, Holly and Mark Brady began the foundation in order to raise awareness about epilepsy and seizures, and to be able to interact directly with other families living through epilepsy.

Over the past 10 years, with the help of family, friends and volunteers, along with the support of our community, Purple Peace has grown and is thriving in its mission to raise awareness and educate others about epilepsy and seizures, and to connect with families living with epilepsy.

Purple Peace is proud to have sponsored more than 10 families to attend the Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland EXPO in the past. We have been involved in bringing legislature to the MO State Capitol in support of making all schools in MO Seizure Safe Schools. Purple Peace is very excited to have just opened the “Connection Center”, a place where we can gather, provide resources and support to those with epilepsy and throughout the community!

Benefits of Connecting With Purple Peace

  • You are not alone with epilepsy.

  • Sense of community/family

  • Make new friends

  • Meet others living with epilepsy

  • Gain hope

  • Find motivation to manage seizures

  • Learn helpful information about managing epilepsy and seizure disorders

  • Have access to resources about epilepsy, seizure management, new treatments and opportunities

  • Reduce stress

  • Emotional support Friendship

  • Gain a sense of empowerment

  • Gain a better understanding of epilepsy

  • Get involved in Epilepsy Awareness and help reduce stigmas

Meet The Team


Holly Brady

Board of Directors, President, Founder


Mark Brady

Board of Directors, Vice President, Founder


Shannon Walter

Board of Directors, Secretary


Crickette West

Board of Directors, Treasurer


Abby Brady

Social Media, Epilepsy Advocate


Cayla Walter

Social Media, Office Assistant

Contact Us

Have questions? Want to get involved?  You can use the form below for all general inquiries or feel free to call or text Holly Brady at  816-489-2220.

Thanks for submitting!

Make a difference for someone with epilepsy

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